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Fatal RTA - Claire's story

Claire Glaskin
This was a tragic case where a family's life was changed irretrievably by a few moments inattention by two drivers – Personal injury partner Christin Tallon
Claire Glaskin was a front seat passenger in the family car which was being driven by her partner when they were hit by another vehicle which caused the car to spin across three lanes of the motorway coming to rest across the fast lane.

Whilst her partner was attempting to re-start the car, another vehicle which was travelling above the speed limit in the fast lane, collided with the passenger side of the vehicle.  Claire died at the scene. Her partner suffered a brain injury.

Choreographer Claire had worked on major productions around the world including on BBC’s Maestro in 2008.  Highly regarded by all who had worked with her, she was undoubtedly destined for even greater success in the world of opera and television.

Personal injury partner Christine Tallon was able to achieve a settlement which will give Claire’s partner and their children some financial security, although it will never compensate them for the loss of Claire’s affection and love.

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