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Every client is important to Leigh Day and you can read some of their stories by following the links below

Our client stories

  • Clinical negligence

    • Andrew Brown

      Andrew's story

      Andrew Brown was abandoned by his neurosurgeon shortly after undergoing spinal surgery

    • Chasya was born limp and not breathing

      Cerebral palsy – Chasya’s story

      Julian and Johanna Fraser’s lives changed when their daughter Chasya was born with cerebral palsy

    • Jack Massara

      Cerebral palsy - Jack's story

      Jack suffered a serious brain injury when he was born

    • Felix Thompson-Bland

      Felix T-Bland's story

      Felix has been left with brain damage

    • Felix and his carer

      Felix's story

      Felix was left with brain damage and permanent disability when his birth was negligently delayed

    • Harriet Riley

      Harriet's story

      Harriet needs 24-hour care after suffering brain damage during her birth

    • Negligent surgery

      Medical negligence - Barry's story

      After the wrong cancer was diagnosed Barry's larynx was removed and he had a tracheostomy

    • Jerry Sesay

      Jerry's story

      Jerry's life expectancy is much shortened because of his injuries

    • Louis

      Louis's story

      Louis has cerebral palsy after his birth was mismanaged

    • Margaret

      Margaret and John's story

      Due to the inadequate investigation and treatment in hospital, Margaret's husband John has been left with significant brain stem dysfunction.

    • Sarah Bull, mother of Olivia

      Olivia's story

      Olivia was born prematurely and as a result of medical negligence suffered brain damage

    • Ruby

      Ruby's story

      Ruby was left with severe brain damage following negligent delays to her birth

    • Cervical vertebrae in the spine

      Thin spinal cord

      Medical staff did not recognise extremely unstable spine of client

  • Employment

    • Miriam O'Reilly

      Age discrimination - Miriam's story

      Miriam O'Reilly succeeded with her claim for age discrimination against the BBC

    • Kay's story

      Equal Pay - Kay's story

      Kay Collins brought a successful equal pay claim against her employer.

  • Human rights

    • RKA and her son

      Intended parents’ rights – RKA’s story

      RKA was denied maternity pay when her son was born through surrogacy

  • Personal injury

    • Jennifer Deeney

      Death at work - Jennifer's story

      Jennifer's husband Kieron was killed in an avoidable accident on a construction site

    • Claire Glaskin

      Fatal RTA - Claire's story

      The car Claire was travelling in was hit by a speeding vehicle

    • spine

      Jane's story

      Jane's spine was damaged when she fell down some unguarded stairs

    • Chelsey

      Jane and Chelsey's story

      Chelsey was in her friend's car when he lost control and crashed. Jane, Chelsey's mum got a knock on the door from a police officer telling her that her daughter had been in a road crash.

    • Laura was hit by a car that mounted the pavement

      Laura's story

      Laura was run over when a distracted driver mounted the pavement she was walking along. Her brain injuries mean she will have a lifelong need for support.

    • Miranda

      Miranda's story

      Miranda's daughter was seriously injured in a road crash in Croatia and was admitted to intensive care with a head injury.

    • Mr M

      Mr M's story

      Mr M suffered injuries described as being “at the limit of what even a young person can survive”

  • Product liability

    • Penny Brown

      Hip claim - Penelope's story

      Penelope went through an ASR hip resurfacing procedure which left her devastated

    • Denise Branton

      Product liability - Kevin's story

      Carbon monoxide is odourless, colourless and has no taste

    • Debbie

      Debbie's story

      Debbie has had five new hips since 2007, she was fitted with metal on metal replacements

    • Fireman tackling house fire

      Product liability - Emma's story

      A fire in a kitchen appliance led to months of uncertainty and worry for Emma

    • John Bannister

      Hip claim - John's story

      John's active life-style was severely curtailed after being fitted with a metal on metal hip replacement

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