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If you are being denied your employment rights under a “Zero Hours” or “Casual” contract we are here to help and advise you. We can help you take action. Many of our zero hours cases are run on a no win, no fee basis. For free confidential advice call 0207 650 1193 or email us now. 

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If you are employed under a contract of employment and you are a part-time worker you have the right to be treated no less favourably than your full-time colleagues doing comparable work. This applies regardless of whether your employer classes you as a “casual” or “zero-hours worker”.

You also have the right to take annual leave and to be paid at the time you take it. Casual or Zero Hours Contracts are not unlawful in themselves but the arrangement must be a genuine flexible arrangement. This means that you must be free to refuse work without having to give a reason or find another colleague to cover you.

It also means that you must be entitled to accept work elsewhere without needed permission. If these circumstances do not apply it is likely that you are an employee under a contract of employment and that you are entitled to a range of rights and protections.

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Call or email us and we will arrange a convenient time for one of the team to talk through your individual circumstances and advise you of whether we think you are being denied your full rights.

If your employer penalises you because you ask for the same rights and benefits as a comparable full-time colleague or for your holiday rights they will be acting unlawfully and you will be entitled to seek further compensation from an employment tribunal.

If you are dismissed because you do these things then you may also have a claim for unfair dismissal. We understand that it can be difficult to make the decision to take legal action against your employer and we will always allow you to decide for yourself how far you want to take the matter.

We provide practical and confidential advice to help you move forward and pursue your rights. We will explain all possible options and then you can decide which option you prefer.

While some employers may be persuaded to compensate you without the need to bring an employment tribunal claim, in many cases, it is necessary to bring a claim.

There are strict time limits for claiming compensation in an employment tribunal. We can advise you of all the relevant time-limits that will apply to your case.