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Episode 6 - LGBT+ rights, the Church, the law and everything else

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Posted on 15 July 2020

In the 70s and 80s gay activists fought against discrimination and inequality in all aspects of society. Although enormous strides have been made, there’s still more to do, and we can’t take hard-fought gains for granted.
In this episode the Rev Richard Coles discusses with Alice Ramsey, from the employment team at Leigh Day, the changes he has seen in his lifetime and where efforts need to be made for true equality for the LGBT community in society.
Guest speakers
Rev Richard Coles
Alice Ramsay

Meet the contributors

Alice Ramsay

Senior associate solicitor

Alice Ramsay is a senior associate solicitor in the employment department.

Employment Discrimination Human rights

Nigel Mackay


Nigel is a leading employment and discrimination lawyer. He is co-head of the employment department, alongside Emma Satyamurti

Employment Group claims Discrimination