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Malsis School

Former pupil settles his case for child sexual abuse by teacher at Malsis School

A former pupil has settled their case for sexual abuse as a child by his former teacher and rugby coach, Peter Holmes, at Malsis School.

Posted on 05 February 2024

Peter Holmes was a former rugby coach and English teacher at the independent prepatory school in Glusburn, North Yorkshire, and he was found guilty of abusing 19 boys, including the former pupil, after a criminal trial in 2022.

An appeal against conviction and sentence was dismissed by the Court of Appeal in January 2023.

A number of former pupils instructed Dino Nocivelli, abuse claims partner at law firm Leigh Day, to bring civil cases for the abuse that they had suffered at Malsis, which closed in 2014.  

Dino’s team had to identify a viable legal entity to pursue and after a period of investigation were able to do this.

The criminal conviction helped Dino to prove the abuse of his client had taken place and following a period of discussions with the defendant’s legal team, he was able to settle the claim. The settlement included compensation for the pain and suffering that he had suffered as a result of abuse by his former teacher who was in a position of trust over him.

The case settled without a confidentiality clause or non-disclosure/gagging orders but our client wants to remain anonymous to protect his personal life.

Dino continues to act on behalf of others.

Dino Nocivelli said:

“I am glad that the resolution of this case has brought an element of justice and closure for my client but my other clients are awaiting the same for the abuse they suffered at Malsis School and my work continues as a result.  It is wrong that we still do not have mandatory reporting in place for child sexual abuse offences and I hope that MPs will take note of the failings identified by the Court of Appeal of the Malsis School headteacher and change the law finally so that people like him face criminal charges for their failings.  For those who have suffered childhood sexual abuse, please disclose your abuse if you can and help to shine the light on abuse in boarding schools and other institutions.”

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Dino Nocivelli

Dino is an experienced child sexual abuse claims lawyer

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