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Alert over dangerous baby care products sold online

The Child Accident Prevention Trust has highlighted its concerns about a number of dangerous baby products which are currently being sold through online marketplaces.

Posted on 15 December 2023

The products it mentions are considered to be unsafe for babies as they pose serious risks relating to suffocation, overheating and death.

This week, the Office of Product Safety and Standards reported on dangerous blankets, sleep bags and sleeping pillows, advising that they are returned to the seller due to their risks.

NHS guidance on safe sleeping for babies advises that babies’ heads are not covered during sleep, and that their temperature is regulated. However, these products have features such as being overly thick, which could result in overheating, ability for the baby to move into the covers, which can result in suffocation, and forcing the baby to sleep on their side.

The products have been made available to purchase in the UK through online marketplaces, even though they do not conform to British Standards relating to children’s sleeping bags for use in cots, and to the General Product Safety Regulations 2005. Consumers are entitled to expect the products that they purchase, especially for a child, are safe to use.

Leigh Day partner Jill Paterson said:

“The Child Accident Prevention Trust is a wonderful charity which works hard to ensure that risks, including risks from products, to children are minimised. These products should not be made available to consumers in the first place given the serious risks they pose to children and babies. I am extremely grateful for the work done by the Child Accident Prevention Trust to raise awareness of these dangerous products.”

Leigh Day solicitor Philippa Wheeler added:

“This is not the first recall we have had concerns about in relation to baby products this year. Previously in the year, an urgent recall was announced for baby self-feeding pillows. Again, the Child Accident Prevention Trust worked to raise concerns with the Office of Product Safety and Standards in relation to this.”

In the run up to Christmas, it is important for those purchasing such items to ensure they are safe. This can be done by checking if the product is sold by a reputable seller, and to also check whether the product, or similar products, have been recalled on the Office of Product Safety and Standards website.

Jill Paterson
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