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Horris Hill School: Appeal for information about alleged sexual abuse by former teachers

Men who claim to have been sexually abused while pupils at Horris Hill School in Berkshire are calling for others to come forward and confirm their allegations.

Posted on 13 October 2022

The large group of former pupils has instructed Leigh Day abuse team partner Dino Nocivelli to represent them in their legal claim.

Now Dino, on their behalf, is appealing for witnesses to the alleged abuse by teachers at Horris Hill School in the years spanning the 1960s to the 1990s.

Dino’s clients were allegedly abused when they were between eight and 13 years old.

Some of the clients say they were abused by one teacher while some say they were abused by a number of teachers. The teachers were allegedly able to abuse without any repercussions for decades and former pupils say they used their positions of trust to manipulate the boys and to silence them.

Some of Dino’s clients were allegedly abused by teachers who have died. Others may still be alive and if so, Dino is trying to find out if they live in England and Wales or elsewhere.

Dino Nocivelli said:

“My clients want to obtain justice and an element of closure for the abuse that they suffered. It is important that a light is shone on what allegedly happened at Horris Hill and that the truth is finally exposed."

If any staff or pupils have information about alleged abuse at Horris Hill they are asked to contact Dino Nocivelli on tel 020 7650 1397 or email dnocivelli@leighday.co.uk

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