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Consumer safety lawyer welcomes new product safety guide

Consumer safety specialist Jill Paterson has welcomed the publication of a bringing safe products to market Code of Practice, by UK National Standards Body, the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Posted on 29 March 2022

The new code of practice aims to help businesses who sell new and used products to make sure that the items are safe and that they meet their obligations under product safety law. The document has been sponsored and supported by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS).

The code, titled PAS 7050:2022, focuses on the processes, procedures, roles and responsibilities associated with bringing safe consumer products to the market. It is split into two parts with the first part aimed at businesses, including manufacturers, operators of online marketplaces, designers, importers, distributors and repairers. The second part is aimed at the regulators of those businesses to help make sure they meet the criteria set out in the code.

The code will also support businesses in developing a product safety management plan (PSMP) to ensure that only safe products are brought to market.

Jill Paterson, product safety and consumer law solicitor at Leigh Day, said:

“We welcome this new bringing safe products to market Code of Practice which I hope will make it easier and clearer for businesses to ensure that the products they bring to market are safe and fit for purpose. Businesses should be doing everything they can to make sure their products are safe for their customers and this guide will hopefully support them in that.”

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