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Product liability lawyer urges investigation into hair lightening product

​A leading product safety lawyer has revealed she has been approached by a number of potential clients after they claim they suffered severe burns to their face after using the Boots range of Smooth Care Hair Lightener.

Posted on 17 August 2018

Michelle Victor from the Consumer Law and Product Safety team at law firm Leigh Day has urged Boots to launch an immediate investigation over the product which has had a number of negative reviews on the company’s own website.
Ms Victor has now said that Boots should strongly consider whether their range of Smooth Care Hair Lightener should be withdrawn from the market.

She said:
“The women who have come forward have complained to Boots and have allegedly been offered nothing more than a refund. We have counted ourselves approximately 50 poor reviews of this product on the Boots website which detail problems such as burns and irritation, earning the product a one star review.
“It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure the safety of a product meets the requirements of the Cosmetics Regulation, which stipulates that it is an offence to supply a cosmetic product which may be unsafe to human health.
“In addition to the physical pain these women have experienced, they are also experiencing emotional distress and concern that the product may cause permanent scarring to their face.
“We hope Boots will seriously consider the reports they have received from their consumers and urgently take action and consider whether a recall of the product is necessary.”.

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