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Former employee of Beldam Asbestos Co Ltd receives compensation soon after mesothelioma diagnosis

Former Hounslow foreman was exposed to asbestos in his workplace.

Posted on 19 October 2018

A man, known only as Mr C to protect his identity, recently received £320,000 in compensation shortly before he died of mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

After being diagnosed with mesothelioma, Mr C instructed asbestos lawyer Ewan Tant to proceed with a legal claim. 

His diagnosis came as a huge shock to Mr C as he had always been fit and heathy and was enjoying his retirement.

Ewan visited Mr C and his wife at their home at the end of October 2017. He provided a detailed account of being exposed to asbestos whilst he was employed by Beldam Asbestos Company Limited in Hounslow between 1960 and 1963 as a foreman. 

Within two weeks Ewan identified the relevant insurer for Beldam Asbestos Company Limited and sent a detailed letter of claim outlining their negligence. 

By early December Mr C had been told that he had weeks, not months, left to live. Leigh Day continued to progress Mr C’s claim with the utmost urgency. 

The legal team obtained a medical report from a leading medical expert and served this on the Defendant in early January, together with Mr C’s witness evidence. 

The Defendant was given three days to admit liability or the claim would be issued at the Royal Courts of Justice.  

On the third day the Defendant admitted that they had negligently exposed Mr C to asbestos dust. Extensive settlement negotiations were entered into with the Defendant and the claim settled shortly afterwards for £320,000. 

This claim settled within three months from the date the client was first visited at his home to when he received his compensation. It was essential to take urgent steps throughout the claim to ensure Mr C was able to conclude the claim within his lifetime, which he very much wanted to do. 

Sadly, Mr C passed away only a few days after he received the compensation.

Ewan Tant comments:

"It is very sad that our client passed away so soon after his claim settled; however, he at least had the comfort of knowing that the claim had been dealt with in his lifetime. I am pleased that we were able to obtain compensation to help secure the family’s financial future.”