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Electric fire risk identified from Haier & Bush washing machine

Argos alerts consumers to potential fire danger from home appliance

Posted on 08 May 2014

Argos, one of the largest retailers operating in the UK and Ireland, has recently identified problems affecting an undisclosed number of Bush and Haier washing machines, posing a potential fire hazard.

The machines, sold by Argos, contain an allegedly defective electronic component in the control panel which may overheat. According to Argos, in certain circumstances “This can lead to localised damage and present a risk of fire”.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive body representing the interests of Europe as a whole, has reported that the washing machines in questions do “not comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive”. The Low Voltage Directive aims to ensure that all electrical equipment supplied throughout the EU meets expected safety levels.

Argos has since issued an ‘Important Safety Notice’, urging all consumers with affected units to contact their customer helpline to resolve the issue. Currently, none of the washing machines under investigation are available to purchase on the Argos website.

Affected washing machine modes are listed below:

  • BUSH WM 1270TVE (White) and BUSH WM 1270TVEME (Silver)
  • BUSH DIHWD1270TVE (White) and BUSH DIHWD1270TVEME (Silver)
  • BUSH WM1470TVE (White) and BUSH WM1470TVEME (Silver)
  • BUSH DIHWD1470TVE (White) and BUSH DIHWD1470TVEME (Silver)
  • HAIER HWD1470TVE (White) and HAIER HWD1470TVEME (Silver)
  • HAIER HWD1270TVE (White) and HAIER HWD1270TVEME (Silver)
  • HAIER 1470TVE (White) and HAIER 1470TVEME (Silver)

This safety notice follows a string of high-profile recalls and alerts recently announced by some of the UK’s largest household appliance manufacturers, including Beko, Bosch, Siemens and Hotpoint. Many consumers remain unaware of these recalls, leaving hundreds of thousands of potentially defective appliances posing a potential threat in people’s homes.

In a bid to increase awareness surrounding the issue of defective household appliances, Leigh Day has recently instigated the ‘Expect It’s Safe’ campaign group, which aims to ensure that manufacturers do more to publicise potentially dangerous defects with their products.

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