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Beko fire claims lawyer comments on latest tragedy

UK media reports that two men have died from carbon monoxide poisoning

Posted on 10 December 2012

Various UK media outlets have reported on the inquest into the deaths of two young men who died from carbon monoxide poisoning within minutes of switching on the grill of an oven, reportedly manufactured by Beko. 

White goods manufacturer Beko has issued fire safety alerts on a number of its products including fridge freezers, and cookers.  Only last week Beko issued a fire safety warning about one of its tumble dryer models after receiving a number of reports that an electrical component in the Beko 6kg and 7kg condenser tumble dryer manufactured between May 2012 and October 2012 were at risk of overheating and causing a fire.     

In 2009 Beko issued a warning about its Leisure and Flavel cookers with a separate oven and grill can, stating that they could pose a serious risk to health. While Beko recalled a large number of these models there are reported to be some 7,000 potentially dangerous Beko cookers still being used in the UK.

Product liability partner at Leigh Day, Jill Paterson, has advised a number of families who have been affected by house fires caused by faulty electrical goods, including at least two cases where people have died. 

She said of the latest tragedy:

“It is vital that manufacturers such as Beko do much more to test the safety of the appliances that they manufacture and distribute, and, where faults emerge, respond quickly to withdraw these dangerous products from the market.”

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