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Burns prevention in the home: expert advice on responding to accidents

Join us on National Burn Awareness Day to hear how the professionals treat burn injuries, how people manage after a burn, and top tips for minimising the risk to children and vulnerable adults in the home.

Wednesday 11 October 2023
13:00 - 14:00

Every year in the UK, an estimated 250,000 people will sustain a burn injury. Of these, 175,000 will attend A&E, and 16,000 will go onto be admitted to hospital for specialist burns care. Perhaps most surprisingly, almost half of those with the most serious injuries are children, with elderly people, those with mental health difficulties, mobility difficulties or sensory impairments also at increased risk.

To mark National Burn Awareness Day 2023, Leigh Day is hosting a public webinar to raise awareness of the risks of burns in the home, what we can all do to help safeguard those at greatest risk, and to hear from some of those who have sustained burn injuries. This year’s theme is the cost-of-living crisis: with heating costs rising and more people being forced into fuel poverty, we will focus on accidents caused by appliances, faulty electronics, and unsafe devices in the home.

This webinar is being produced jointly by the burns injury team at Leigh Day and the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of the West of England. Leigh Day is the official Children’s Burns Trust’s communications partner for National Burn Awareness Day 2023.

With a panel of academic, clinical, and legal experts, we will explore the causes of burns in the home, treatments available to patients, and the impact that burns can have on survivors.

We are honoured to be joined this year by two people who have experienced the impact of a burn injury. They will share their very personal stories about their experience and how they have adjusted to life with a burn. Plus there will be the opportunity to put your questions the panellists.

This webinar is being produced jointly by the burns injury team at Leigh Day and the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of the West of England.


Who should join?

  • Parents and carers of children and vulnerable adults
  • Teachers
  • Youth leaders
  • Professionals involved with the care, healthcare and education of children and vulnerable adults


  • Chair: Christia Huntington, PhD researcher at Centre for Appearance Research and contributor to the burns module on healthtalk.org/burn-injuries
  • Professor Diana Harcourt, Professor of Appearance & Health Psychology at the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE
  • Mr Baljit Dheansa, Consultant Burns and Plastic Surgeon
  • Helen, burn survivor
  • Chris, parent of a child with a burn
  • Jill Paterson, Partner and burns injury specialist, Leigh Day
  • Sue Boasman, Advanced Nurse Practitioner at a regional Burns Centre, Ambassador for the Children's Burns Trust

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