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Kristina Stiles

Client liaison manager

Krissie is a client liaison manager in the personal injury team

Amputation Burn injury Serious injury

Krissie is a client liaison manager with the personal injury team, providing the link between the client, the legal teams, the health care providers, and the public and private support structures for our clients who have sustained serious injury or illness.

As part of her role, Krissie also provides practical support and signposting for clients and their families, whilst advocating for their care and rehabilitation, and support the pastoral care up to the point of case resolution.

Krissie started her career in 2003, as burns and plastic surgery nurse specialist with an interest in burn prevention and first aid, burn care education and pre-hospital burn care.

She is a keynote speaker, presenter and content creator across nursing, wound care, trauma, pre-hospital, academic and industry meetings, webinars, podcasts, e-learning modules, and App based resources.

Krissie is the founder of the British Burn Association’s Pre-Hospital Special Interest Group and has worked across speciality boundaries with the Fire and Rescue Services, Ambulance Services, HEMS, trauma, specialist burn services, tissue viability and wound care, and charity services.

Krissie is an innovator with an award-winning project portfolio, including educational specialist board game - “The Burns Game”, children’s book on burn prevention and first aid - “Family Oops and Burns First Aid”, and “Saving Lives is Not Enough” report, which proposes quality improvement recommendations for pre-hospital burn care to ensure optimal long-term outcomes for burn survivors.

Krissie is an advocate for the patient voice and is the proud Ambassador of the Children's Burns Trust.


Krissie has MSc Burn Care from QMUL.


BBA (British Burn Association)

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