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The VW NOx Emissions Group Litigation

The High Court made a Group Litigation Order on 22 January 2024 in relation to a Group Action to be pursued against Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, Škoda Auto A.S., SEAT SA, DR. ING. H.C. F. Porsche AG, Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Limited, Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited, Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited, and authorised dealerships by individuals or businesses who owned or leased or otherwise acquired certain diesel vehicles manufactured by the above-named vehicle manufacturers and were owned or obtained on finance or leased by a Claimant. Individuals and businesses can check whether their vehicle is eligible to join the claim by contacting one of the law firms listed below.

The Court has appointed Leigh Day and Pogust Goodhead as Lead Solicitors to the Group Action.

The contact details for the Lead Solicitors are as follows:-

Leigh Day

PGMBM Law Ltd t/a Pogust Goodhead

Individuals and businesses who wish to be added to the Group Register of claims should come forward as soon as possible before 27 September 2024.

Potential claimants should be aware that the Court has ordered that 27 September 2024 is the cut-off date for claims to be issued and served in order to be entitled to enter on to the Group Register. If you wish to make a claim, it is in your interest to contact a solicitor at least one calendar month before that date.

The making of a Group Litigation Order is a procedural matter only to enable the Court to manage litigation affecting multiple parties and does not imply any view as to the merits of the claims put forward. This advertisement does not contain legal advice. If a potential claimant instructs a solicitor, the solicitor will be able to provide advice as to the benefits and risks of bringing a claim, and in relation to the funding and insurance of the claim (including payment of the Defendants' costs in the event the claim is unsuccessful).

This advertisement is published by Order of the High Court of Justice.



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