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Third UK company convicted of corporate manslaughter

Two men have died following avoidable accidents at work

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Hospital negligence results in pay-out for young woman whose fertility was threatened when her appendicitis was missed

Clinical negligence lawyer Emmalene Bushnell secures compensation after London hospital misdiagnosed appendicitis

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Delayed diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma results in clinical negligence compensation for client

Cancer claims solicitor Kirsten Wall successfully concludes case for previously fit young woman

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Employers' liability, mesothelioma trigger litigation: when a butterfly flaps its wings...

Asbestos claims lawyer Dan Easton considers implications of trigger litigation

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Leigh Day settles vitamin supplement case

Woman became ill after taking vitamin and mineral supplement

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Delayed diagnosis of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma leads to compensation

Clinical negligence solicitor Kirsten Wall settles cancer claim for client

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Historic judgment as asbestos victim wins damages from employer's parent company

An asbestosis sufferer has won an historic case against one of the World's former largest asbestos manufacturers, Cape PLC which sets a new legal precedent for holding parent companies accountable.

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Surgeons warned to avoid certain combinations of metal-on-metal total hip replacements

MHRA) issued advice to surgeons, to stop using the MITCH TRH hip system.

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Olive Lewin successfully settles a claim for a fourth degree tear for £300,000

Severe perineal tear negligently repaired by hospital

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Sean Humber settles breach of medical confidence case

Details of client's medical conditions were released without permission

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Extensive damages agreed in a case involving failure to treat infection

Delay in appropriate treatment for infection in shoulder joint, inappropriate antibiotic treatment resulted in infection to the spine causing permanent damage to the spine

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Updated advice on metal-on-metal hip replacements

MHRA recommends annual checks for people with metal-on-metal hip replacements.