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Leigh Day are bringing a group claim against Mercedes-Benz over an alleged ‘cheat device’ fitted on some of their cars in order to artificially reduce emissions to pass EU emissions tests.

The claims are on behalf of people who leased or owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The claims could be worth up to 75% of the purchase price of the vehicle for each driver.

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What is the Mercedes-Benz emissions claim?

In June 2018 the KBA, the German road vehicle authority, found that Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, had used illegal software to alter diesel emissions. It ordered the German motor giant to recall affected vehicles.

The German Courts also concluded that Daimler had also been using a prohibited defeat device.

This legal challenge follows the German automotive regulator’s ruling that Mercedes Daimler cheated EU emissions tests. We believe that owners of the affected vehicles should be compensated because they were mis-sold these vehicles, which were advertised as being more environmentally friendly with lower NOx emissions. Increased levels of nitrogen dioxide emissions are harmful to the environment and to the health of children and adults.

We are fighting for compensation on behalf of owners of Mercedes vehicles who we believe were deliberately misled over the environmental performance of their vehicles.

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Why choose Leigh Day?

No win no fee - if successful we would be paid just 31% of your damages, if we aren't successful you pay nothing

We will be bringing these claims on a 'No Win-No Fee' basis. This means that we will only deduct up to 31% (inclusive of VAT) of your damages if the claim is successful, but if the claim is lost you will not have to pay anything.

Our success fee, the insurance premium and the funders’ fees will never be more than 31% of your damages, irrespective of the number of claimants within the group.

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Leading experts in vehicles emissions group claims

Leigh Day are joint-lead lawyers in the emissions litigation on behalf of UK Volkswagen owners, who recently won the first round of their emissions case against Volkswagen in the UK High Court.

In April 2020 the High Court in London found that the decision by the KBA, the German road vehicle authority, that the software was a ‘defeat device’ was binding in the English High Court.

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