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India Macleod


India Macleod is a solicitor in the international department.

Corporate accountability

India Macleod is a solicitor in the international and group claims department assisting Richard Meeran.

Legal expertise

Since joining Leigh Day in 2007, India has assisted on a number of key international corporate accountability cases including:

  • Litigation on behalf of 4365 former gold miners who contracted silicosis  during their employment on Anglo American mines in South Africa,

  • Claims against African Barrick Gold (Acacia mining)  regarding injuries and deaths in Tanzania; and

  • A large group action involving over 30,000 claimants from Cote d’Ivoire against oil trader Trafigura over the dumping of allegedly toxic waste in the city of Abidjan. 

India current assists Richard Meeran on the Bains & Ors v Moore & Ors case in which Leigh Day represents five anti-asbestos campaigners whose network was allegedly infiltrated by an industry-engaged corporate spy employed by K2 Intelligence ltd. 

Prior to joining Leigh Day India studied French with International Studies at the University of Warwick, she speaks fluent French.