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Zimmer Durom claims

Leigh Day is currently bringing claims on behalf of a group of patients whose Zimmer Durom hip systems failed and who were required to have early revision surgery. 

Design of Zimmer Durom hip systems

The claims concern the failure of two types of hip system produced by Zimmer: the Zimmer Large Diameter Head (LDH) implant and the Zimmer resurfacing implant.

The Zimmer LDH implant comprises the Zimmer Durom acetabular cup combined with a Metasul LDH, a Metasul Head Adapter and a Zimmer femoral stem. The Zimmer resurfacing implant comprises the Zimmer Durom acetabular cup combined with a Zimmer Durom resurfacing femoral component. 

The Zimmer Durom hip systems were first developed in 2001 but have since been removed from distribution. 

Failure rates of Zimmer Durom implants

It is believed that almost 2000 patients have been implanted with the Zimmer Durom resurfacing implant in the UK since 2003. However many more patients may have had a Zimmer LDH implant. 

The UK National Joint Registry 2014 Annual Report has identified that the Zimmer Durom resurfacing implant has a failure rate of 8.67% at 10 years in comparison to the gold standard conventional components, which have a failure rate of approximately 2.5 % over the same period. The failure rate of the Zimmer LDH implant is currently unknown.


The claimants allege that the systems are defective in that they have a
propensity to cause adverse reactions to metal debris (ARMD) and fail prematurely. It is also alleged that the Zimmer Durom cup is defective as it fails to integrate correctly with patients’ bones resulting in loosening and early failure.

As a result of the failure of their hip systems many of our clients have experienced significant pain leading up to revision surgery. A number of our clients have suffered such extensive soft-tissue damage that they have had to undergo yet further revision operations. As a result of the failures, many of our clients’ mobility and quality of life has deteriorated and they no longer look forward to a comfortable and active future.

Claims relating to Zimmer Durom hip replacements

The Zimmer Durom claims team at Leigh Day is now bringing personal injury compensation claims for a group of clients who have suffered early revision surgery, pain, mobility restrictions and other health problems.

If you have been fitted with a Zimmer Durom hip replacement and are suffering with health problems you can ask a member of the team for compensation advice.

Please contact Gene Matthews or Benjamin Croft on 020 7650 1200 for guidance about bringing a faulty medical device claim in the UK, or complete our hip claims enquiry form.

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