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Finsbury ADEPT 12/14 Modular Head

Leigh Day is currently investigating the Finsbury ADEPT 12/14 Modular Head, manufactured by Finsbury Orthopaedics Ltd. Finsbury was acquired by DePuy Orthopaedics Inc in December 2009.

DuPuy issued an urgent Field Safety Notice on 15 January 2013 given the higher than normal revision surgery rates associated with it. This was followed by a Medical Device Alert issued by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) on 13 March 2013 advising surgeons to stop using the Finsbury ADEPT 12/14 Modular Head.

According to the NJR the Finsbury ADEPT 12/14 Modular Head has a 12.1% revision rate at 7 years which is higher than the non metal-on-metal total hip replacement systems.

Leigh Day is investigating claims that patients implanted with this type of component, like those implanted with the ASR, are suffering from Adverse Reactions to Metal Debris which can lead to bone and tissue damage resulting in the early failure of their hip replacement.

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