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Falling from height claims

Falls from heights cause the most serious types of injury and remain the single biggest cause of fatalities at work.  If you or a family member has suffered a fall from height at work you may be able to bring a personal injury compensation claim. 

Employers have a duty to protect their employees from harm.  Working at heights is particularly dangerous and there are specific laws to protect workers from death and injury caused by a fall from height.  

Employers must make sure that work at height is thoroughly planned, supervised and carried out by competent people.  Employers must ensure that the appropriate type of equipment (ladders, scaffolds, tower scaffolds etc) is used for these tasks, and that workers have the correct equipment to minimise the risks of a fall, such as safety nets. Employers must provide training on the correct use of equipment.

Employers should also consider whether work at height can be avoided by providing alternative equipment, for example installing cables at ground level, or using extendable tools from the ground to avoid having to use a ladder.

If you have been injured at work read our ‘What should I do if I have been injured at work?’ page to find out what steps you or a family member should take after a fall from height.

Our accident at work team has represented many people who have been injured or killed after a fall from height.

Falling from height case studies


Fall from an industrial boiler

We secured compensation for the bereaved family of a man who fell 23 metres from the platform of an industrial boiler at work. 

Our accident at work team liaised with the authorities investigating the death, organised representation at the inquest and issued a compensation claim against the various companies working on the site where the fatality occurred. 

Once criminal proceedings had concluded the civil claim for compensation was settled.

The man’s widow said, “For many my husband’s death is just another statistic. For me, it is an irreversible tragedy that has changed my life forever….”

Fall on a building site

Construction worker Chris was injured at work when he was working at a building site where residential housing was being built and he fell approximately four metres to the ground shattering his right ankle. His accident was caused by the actions of a crane driver who was not licensed to control the crane he was operating.

Chris was taken to hospital for treatment and required a long period of hospitalisation to manage the surgery he had to have to implant metalwork into his ankle.  The metal work then became infected and had to be removed and 18 months later Chris had to undergo more surgery to fuse his ankle to prevent further degeneration. 

We obtained medical reports were obtained which confirmed that as a result of the accident Chris has been left with a permanent limp, scaring and restriction in his mobility.   The experts agreed that Chris would be unable to work in construction again.

Chris’s claim was settled for £250,000 and he has now retrained as a motorcycle mechanic.

Our experienced accident at work claims team can advise you about starting your compensation claim. Please call on 0161 393 3570 and someone will get back to you. Our lawyers can visit you at home if you are unable to travel to any of our offices.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.