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Workplace Injury - Carlos' story

The accident at work team represented Carlos in a claim after he was injured from falling ceiling tiles.
Mr Moriones was asked by his employer to cleaning commercial offices. As part of his duties, he was required to clean the ceiling for which he was provided solely a flat head mop to use.
He was cleaning a ceiling when panels became dislodged and fell on top of him causing him head, neck and shoulder injuries. He suffered repeated convulsions in the ambulance on his way to hospital.
His employer argued that they had correctly assessed the risks involved in Carlos’ work. However, their risk assessment had noted the likelihood of falling objects thus indicating that he should have been provided with head protection and suitable training. 
Carlos was provided with neither and, following a judicial application for disclosure of further documentation, his employer accepted a breach of their duty of care to him. His employer still refused to make settlement offers to him, suggesting that his injuries were not caused by this incident. 
Leigh Day issued civil proceedings and secured a successful settlement for Carlos.