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Amputation because of an accident at work

Losing a limb after an accident in the workplace is a devastating experience for anyone who is unfortunate enough to go through this trauma. This type of injury is one of the most difficult to cope with.  If this has happened to you we will support you throughout the legal process.

Our specialist amputation claims lawyers have many years’ experience in bringing successful amputation compensation claims and have obtained many substantial settlements for amputees who have been injured because of a workplace accident.  We have significant experience in securing early interim payments to help with the cost of specialist equipment and rehabilitation to help amputees make an early start on the recovery and adaptation process to life after an amputation.

Common parts of the body that need amputating following an accident in the workplace include fingers and toes, hands, arms and legs. Amputation injuries often take place in the most dangerous work settings such as factories, mines, farms, construction sites and in workplaces that use heavy machinery or fork lift trucks to move heavy loads.

If you have undergone an amputation following an accident at work and it can be proved that negligence was involved then you may be able to bring a successful amputation compensation claim.  Examples of negligence could include a failure to provide personal protective equipment, a failure to maintain and protect workers from dangerous machinery, and a failure to provide sufficient training in the use of dangerous machinery. If your work colleagues acted in a dangerous way that resulted in your injury you may also have a claim against your employer. 

Amputation compensation claims

Our amputation claims lawyers have built up an extensive network of professional contacts such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, prosthetic limb suppliers, case managers and financial advisers who will help you get your life on track following your amputation, while our lawyers will support you throughout the legal process.

Amputation compensation case studies

  • Settling a case for a man who had to have an above the elbow amputation after becoming trapped in machinery at the factory where he worked.
  • Recovering a significant sum of compensation for Leonard Ashworth, whose right leg was amputated below the knee after an accident at work when his leg was crushed by a 4.5 tonne roll. An early interim payment allowed him to purchase an specially adapted vehicle which immediately improved the quality of his life.
  • Securing a settlement for a farmhand who suffered a partial amputation of his little finger and the partial loss of function in his thumb as a result of a farming accident when his hand was trapped by a girder.

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