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Amputation and limb loss compensation claims

Whatever the cause, be it a car crash, injury at work or as a result of hospital or clinical negligence, you will find that limb loss is one of the most difficult injuries to come to terms with.

Our specialist amputation team offers expertise with a human touch. We have a very wide range of experience acting for amputees, and knowledge of experts working in the field and an understanding of what needs to be done to maximise our clients' rehabilitation and damages awards.

We know that coming to terms with becoming an amputee, as well as dealing with the litigation process can be an extremely stressful experience. Our lawyers endeavour to take the stress out of the litigation and are able to direct you to user groups and other organisations offering support outside the legal process.

We understand that the process of readjustment will be a tough one, not only for the amputee but also for their family. There will be many aspects of the amputee’s life which will need consideration, not least the need for suitable prostheses to allow the amputee to enjoy, so far as is possible, a return to their pre-accident activities and lifestyle.  As well as state of the art day-to-day prostheses, our clients have had the benefit of water and activity limbs to allow them to return to sports such as skiing, rowing, playing rugby and swimming. 

Lifelike cosmeses matched to the amputee's skin colouring are increasingly popular and enable the user to feel confident wearing shorts and short-sleeved shorts and tops. With increasing levels of technical know-how "bionic limbs" are becoming a reality.  One of our clients trialled the first "bionic" hand with great success.  We will obtain specialist reports which will consider the prosthetic needs of the client both in the immediate and long term future and will also take into consideration the individual needs and aspirations of our clients.

Adaptations to a client’s existing home, or even a move to more suitable accommodation, will almost certainly be necessary and related expenses will be included in the claim.  Limb loss can lead to clients suffering considerable hurdles keeping and gaining employment and there are often associated losses.  The need for re-training to facilitate a new career or assistance in ensuring that the employer makes the necessary changes in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act to enable a return to pre-accident employment are all part of the service we offer our clients. Our employment and discrimination team will be on hand to deal with any issues arising at work for you.

Our work with the Limbless Association, LimbPower the Douglas Bader Foundation and membership of the Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group, has enabled us develop a keen understanding of the issues surrounding amputees and we pride ourselves in being able to ‘think outside the box’.

Our lawyers are dedicated to achieving the best result possible for you in terms of compensation and will seek interim payments along the way to enable you to meet the costs of e.g private prosthetic services, counselling and care privately, and to cover any losses following injury.

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