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Expat and overseas asbestos claimants

Asbestos diseases can take many years to develop, often after people have moved abroad. Leigh Day’s asbestos team specialise in successfully making claims for those exposed to asbestos in the UK who now live abroad. 

Can I bring a claim if I don’t live in England?

Yes.  If you were exposed to asbestos in England and Wales, the correct place for you to bring a legal claim is usually England.  That is because English law applied to the company (usually your employer) who exposed you to asbestos.
You might also be entitled to claim benefits and payments from the British government, even if you no longer live here.  We can help you to get early payments to give financial support as soon as possible.

How will I contact you/stay in touch?

We have expat clients all over the world and use email, phone calls and video calls to stay in touch. We have even run trials in the High Court using video-links.  We do not ask our clients to travel to England and wherever possible, we will come to visit you.
We will work with a specialist lawyer in your country, so you have someone local you can contact and who can help us obtain information easily. That way we ensure our foreign clients receive the same high service as those in England.

What countries have you dealt with before?

Our lawyers have acted for numerous expat clients all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Malta, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, France, Japan and Korea. 
  • Australia: we have represented Australian asbestos victims for 15 years.  Two of our partners are members of the Australian Lawyers Alliance and we have close links with specialist asbestos lawyers, medical experts and support groups in all Australian states.  We have won numerous cases, including multi-million dollar settlements and secured payment for private medical treatment.  We have worked with Medicare and Australian private health insurers to pay for medical treatment.
  • New Zealand: we have dealt with asbestos cases which needed specialist advice about claiming from the ACC and repaying funds under ACC rules.
  • Malta: we work closely with a leading Maltese lawyer, usually in cases concerning former British shipyard workers and have a proven track record of winning cases.
  • South Africa: we pursued a successful group claim on behalf of 6,000 South African workers and their families who were exposed from asbestos mining
  • Scotland: we have worked with specialist asbestos lawyers and charitable support groups in Scotland for many years to help clients from England who now live north of the border.  

What should I do next?

If you think you may have a claim, contact one of our expert asbestos lawyers. 
We will arrange a time to call you so we can listen to your case and advise you about making a claim. We can offer to act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis so it will not cost you.

Foreign lawyers: are you acting for an English asbestos victim?

We work closely with lawyers in other countries to make sure asbestos claims are dealt with efficiently and to maximise compensation.  We can explain how legal costs operate in England and work with you to maximise costs recovery.
Where there are claims in different jurisdictions, we will work in tandem with you to advise your client and achieve the best results.
We can also help you to investigate claims, by identifying defendant employers and insurance companies.  We can help you to get expert medical evidence and advise on English quantum rules.
Email postbox@leighday.co.uk to request our brochure ‘Asbestos Claims in the UK’

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.