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Meet the asbestos team

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related illness? If you have our team of specialist lawyers can help to guide and support you and your family at this very difficult time.  

Ready to talk? Speak to one of our expert lawyers at Leigh Day about any asbestos claims. Call freephone 0800 6895854 or email postbox@leighday.co.uk

You can be assured by our track record. We have handled many of the landmark decisions for asbestos sufferers and our cases have not only provided substantial compensation, but have also changed the law.  We act for clients on a No Win No Fee basis, and have recovered millions of pounds in compensation to provide financial support and peace of mind for our clients. 

The leading national charity Mesothelioma UK recognises our expertise and recommends our work, as do many of the UK’s asbestos support groups, so we can offer you experience and specialist knowledge wherever you live.  Check our lawyers’ profiles to find out more, or contact us for a free initial consultation on 0800 6895854 or email postbox@leighday.co.uk

Read and download our mesothelioma brochure
Helen Ashton, partner
Chesterfield & Manchester
Call: 01246 386388
E: hashton@leighday.co.uk

Harminder Bains, partner
Office: London & Birmingham 
Call020 7650 1166

Andrew Cooper, solicitor
Call: 020 7650 2430
E: acooper@leighday.co.uk

Steven Dickens, partner
Office: Manchester
Call: 0161 393 3574

Daniel Easton, partner
Office: London & Birmingham 
Call: 020 7650 1226
E: deaston@leighday.co.uk

Vijay Ganapathy, partner
Office: London & Birmingham  
Call: 020 7650 1341
E: vganapathy@leighday.co.uk

Kevin Johnson, partner
Office: Liverpool & Manchester
Call: 0151 305 2760
E: ktjohnson@leighday.co.uk

Heetasha Khosla, solicitor
Office: London
Call: 020 7650 1208
E: hkhosla@leighday.co.uk
Catriona Ratcliffe, solicitor
Call: 020 7650 1346
E: cratcliffe@leighday.co.uk

Louisa Saville, solicitor
Office: Manchester
Call: 0161 804 0761 
E: lsaville@leighday.co.uk

Claire Spearpoint, associate solicitor
London & Birmingham
Call: 020 7650 1391
E: cspearpoint@leighday.co.uk

Ewan Tant, associate solicitor
Office: London & Birmingham
Call: 020 7650 1357
E: etant@leighday.co.uk
Patrick Walsh, partner
London & Birmingham
Call: 020 7650 1082
E: pwalsh@leighday.co.uk


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