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Nichola Marshall's Profile Picture
Nichola is an expert in management of multi-claimant cases. Since joining Leigh Day she has worked on some of the firm's largest multi-party action international claims including the high profile group claim against the oil trading company Trafigura on behalf of 30,000 residents of the Cote d’Ivoire (the largest foreign claimant group action to be brought in the UK), a historic case against the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on behalf of the Mau Mau who suffered torture at the hands of the British and a group claim against Shell on behalf of the Ogoni people in the Niger Delta whose land had been severely polluted following two large oil spills. 

Further, Nichola has acted in smaller group claims including against the Ministry of Defence on behalf of Iraqi citizens, on behalf of a group of children in Kenya and Uganda who alleged that they were abused by a British Pilot working for British Airways, against the Methodist Church on behalf of a group of individuals in Sierra Leone and in Kenya on behalf of a group of individuals who alleged that they were sexually abused by Simon Harris, a British charity boss.  Simon Harris was the first British man to be convicted in relation to sexual offences committed in Africa. Nichola has also settled a claim on behalf of a number of children in Thailand who were sexually abused by a British man.

Having taken some time out of practice to have two children, Nichola has now returned and is currently acting on behalf of a large number of individuals in a domestic multi-claimant case in relation to pension loss on behalf of doctors and members of the armed forces. 

Nichola's publications

Holding multinationals to account: odd beacons of light in the gloom Frontline Winter 2013/4 (jointly with Martyn Day)

Events and seminars

Nichola spoke at the Public Interest Law Alliance conference in Dublin in November 2014, Class actions in Ireland.  

Key cases

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