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Leigh Day in the news 2013

December 2013

Right to Die

The “Right to Die” case is taken to Supreme Court. The news is widely covered by local and national press, including The Huffington Post, Bury Times, Gazette & Herald, Wiltshire Times and Northern Echo.


Mumbai terror attack

British victim of Mumbai terror attack Will Pike wins the right to sue the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, owned by Tata Group, in the UK.  The story is reported by international press, notably Times of India, The Free Press Journal, LiveMint, SBS, Hindustan TimesThe Telegraph (Calcutta); Russell Levy is quoted in a BBC article.

Slavery Reparations

The global coverage of the investigation into reparations for the slave trade continues with more reports by Amsterdam News, Vice, Chicago Sun Times and Jamaica Observer.

Nuclear Challenge

The Leigh Day Human Rights team challenge the UK’s Government’s nuclear power policy on behalf of the Irish Government. Rosa Curling, acting for An Taisce, the National Trust for Ireland, is quoted in the Blackburn Citizen, Luton Express, Wiltshire Times,  Agriland and  Herald.ie.

November 2013

Slavery reparations

A lengthy piece in the Observer once again looks at the work being done to investigate reparations for the slave trade on behalf of Caribbean nations.

Legal glass ceiling

In a report looking at gender diversity in law firms, Leigh Day is recognised for having the highest percentage of female Partners within the firm and greatest ethnic diversity at partnership level in the Law Society Gazette in November.

October 2013

Slavery reparations

The investigation into a claim by Caribbean nations for reparations from slave trading nations continues to provide headlines across the globe, including in the UK a large piece by the Daily Mail.


The Guardian covers the case of Abdel Hakim Belhaj fighting the UK Government's attempt to keep their role in his, and his wife's, rendition back to Libya.

Law and the military

Martyn Day is quoted extensively responding to what he describes as a 'biased' report which describes Britain’s armed forces as under threat from the law. Martyn argues that is the breaking of the law that is the greatest threat to the military in the Mail, Evening Standard and BBC News amongst many other papers.

Prisoner's right to vote

Unfortunately the Supreme Court rejects an appeal by two prisoners who took their fight to the Highest Court in the country to fight for their right to vote. The story was covered in the Guardian, Telegraph and Evening Standard amongst many others who noted that David Cameron had called it a victory for common sense, however, Sean Humber, head of the firm's Human Rights team said:

"This Supreme Court judgment simply confirms the current position under UK and European Union law that prisoners in the UK do not have the right to vote. However, as the Supreme Court itself recognised, as a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, the UK also has obligations under international human rights law."

Lewisham Hospital

The decision by the Secretary of State to appeal the decision not to downgrade services at Lewisham Hospital caused nearly as many headlines as when the case was won in August. Amongst those covering it were the Independent and Sky News.


Our work for the GMB union in representing their members who were illegally blacklisted by companies within the construction industry was highlighted when comedian, Mark Thomas, was found to be included on a blacklist despite never having worked in the industry. The Wandsworth Guardian covered it along with a number of regional papers.

Police Surveillance

Rosa Curling is bringing a judicial review against the Metropolitan Police after a 'protestors blacklist' was found to have been held by the Police of those they accused by the police of being political activists. The Guardian covered the story in October.

Abuse in care

Residential care abuse expert Alison Millar, who is representing alleged victims of abuse at the Veilstone Care Home in Devon, was quoted in the Mail and the Daily Mirror after police confirmed that arrests had been made. 

Alice Mason

An inquest heard how two-year-old Alice Mason had successfully undergone treatment for a brain tumour two months before she died, having developed fluid on the brain which should have been treated. Nicola Wainwright in the firm's clinical negligence team represented the family.

September 2013

Bodo oil spill

In September there was extensive coverage of the talks between Shell and our clients, the Bodo community in Nigeria, as well as global media coverage it was covered by the Guardian on the 5th September and the Daily Telegraph on the 6th September.


Richard Meeran announced that many compensation claims for South African gold miners suffering from silicosis had been settled. Extensive coverage included pieces in the Guardian and BBC News.

Potential Abuse Case

Allegations regarding an ex-BA pilot who is accused of abusing children in Kenya and potentially other African countries are being investigating by the international team. Coverage included the BBC and the Daily Mail.

Fran Millar - successful cycle injury claim

The cycling team acted for Team Sky's Fran Millar who was severely injured when she hit a pothole in Oldham. The story was covered in Manchester Evening News as well as BBC News.


Jasmine Patel, from the firm's employment team represented an unpaid intern who successfully sued Sony. The story was headline news and included in many newspapers including the Daily Mail and Independent.

August 2013

Save Lewisham Hospital

Save Lewisham Hospital

Rosa Curling represented the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and its successful challenge to the Government's decision to close and downgrade parts of the hospital. The Guardian was amongst many papers who reported on the judge's verdict that the decision to reduce A&E and maternity services at the hospital was unlawful.

July 2013

Slavery Reparations

Senior Partner Martyn Day and Richard Stein from the firm’s Human Rights department travelled to the Caribbean in July at the invitation of CARICOM  to explore the topic of reparation payments from those European countries involved in the slave trade.

The Guardian reported the visit: Slavery compensation: Caribbean nations propose Mau Mau model


There was extensive coverage of Bruce Keogh’s report on hospitals with high death rates in July. Leigh Day mentioned in connection with Stafford Hospital, Basildon and many other hospitals where we represent alleged victims of abuse and negligence.The Guardian 16/7/13 and Express & Star 16/7/13 were amongst many media outlets carrying our comments on the report.

Jillings Report

Abuse expert Alison Millar was quoted in a number of articles concerning the publication of a report into historic abuse allegations at a residential home:

Guardian 8/7/13
Daily Mirror 9/7/13
Daily Express 9/7/13



Victims of colonial abuse gather in Nairobi for the announcement by the High Commissioner of the UK Government's sincere regret over the activities of British Officials during the Kenya Emergency.

On the 6th June the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, told Parliament of a scheme to compensate the Kenyan victims of colonial torture during the Kenya Emergency (1952-60). There was widespread coverage of the announcement including the BBC, the Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. The Telegraph profiles Leigh Day in an article entitled Leigh Day: The firm behind the Mau Mau settlement.

More on the work we have done to reach a settlement for the victims of colonial torture in Kenya, can be found here.

The Guardian 6.6.13 reported our case on behalf of the National Secular Society who are taking Woking council to court over 'worshipper-only' free parking, which it claims is discriminatory.

The Morning Star 3.6.13 and many other papers highlighted the work we are doing for GMB members over their alleged blacklisting by a range of construction companies.


The Lawyer magazine 17.5.13 covered the case of Katie Tantum who we represented in her successful case against City law firm Travers Smith after she was denied a permanent position after she became pregnant.

The BBC 17.5.13 report how hundreds of people who were tortured before seeking asylum in the UK could take legal action after our successful High Court challenge.

The Independent 14.5.13 covers our fight on behalf of 'Martin' in the Court of Appeal as he challenges the decision, handed down last August, in his 'right to die' battle.

Martyn Day with our Kenyan clients

(Above) Martyn Day with Kenyan claimants against the Government.

The Guardian 5.5.13 announces that Mau Mau talks are in discussions with the Government over a settlement, Dan Leader responds only to confirm that Leigh Day are 'exploring the possibility'

The BBC 3.5.13 amongst many others, announces that we have started formal legal proceedings against the Government on behalf of 3 Afghan Interpreters, fighting for the same rights as Iraqi nationals who assisted British troops during the Iraq war.

Leigh Day represented the parents of Kadian Harding a 14-year-old cyclist who was killed in a road collision. The BBC website 2.5.13 reported on how the inquest found his front brake had failed. The Coroner also found that his back brake was not sufficient to stop him in an emergency, only hours after visiting a bike shop. 


Fighting for Lindsay Sandiford's bid for legal representation in Bali in The Independent 23.4.13 and in the Daily Mail 22.4.13

Emma Jones comments on revelations in the Daily Express 21.4.13 that there were 2,500 needless deaths at a single hospital in 10 years

The legal action we are taking against Anglo American on behalf of South African miners suffering from Silicosis is mentioned in a piece on The South African website 19.4.13 as pressure grows on the company with protests at their London AGM

We mount a High Court challenge to the changes in the way mobility allowance is assessed. The Independent 8.4.13 and Guardian 8.4.13 quotes Rosa Curling who is representing two clients in this judicial review against the Department for Work & Pensions


Mineworkers get their day in court The New Age 7.3.13, Silicosis class action bid filed against Anglo American Reuters 7.3.13

BBC Radio 4 6.3.13 Thomas Jervis interview on You and Yours re. Beko fire risks, and also Jill Paterson on Channel 5 news on the same topic on 4.3.13, she said: “Consumers have the right to assume that the white goods they have in their home are safe. It shouldn’t be up to them to go around searching to find out whether there is a problem with their product.”

Safety alert over 138,000 faulty Beko home appliances that may pose a risk to thousands of families Daily Mail 1.3.13

Beko goods linked to 100 safety scares Sunday Times 3.3.13

Belhaj gives UK 7 days to say “Sorry” and pay six dinars damages  Libya Herald 4.3.13, Libyan 'rendition victim' Abdul Hakim Belhaj offers to settle UK lawsuit for £3 and apology Independent 4.3.13, Libyan politician offers to settle UK lawsuit for £3 and an apology Guardian 4.3.13, Gaddafi Torture Victim Abdul-Hakim Belhaj Wants Whitehall Apology and £1 for Rendition International Business Times 4.3.13

Bedroom Tax Revisited Independent Living Newsletter 6.3.13

Northern Ireland minister promises guidance on abortion BMJ 4.3.13

'Human rights violations' at Epsom Hospital being investigated Your Local Guardian 8.3.13, Stafford Hospital scandal: Twenty-eight hospitals have complaints of neglect lodged against them  Mirror 3.3.13, NHS starves 1,165 to death Express 3.3.13

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