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Some Hotpoint and Indesit gas cookers identified as having potential to leak gas

Consumer body reports problem with some gas cookers leaving consumers at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Posted on 02 December 2013

Which? Reports that a safety notice has been issued which relates to a number of Hotpoint and Indesit gas cookers which contain a component which has the potential to fail resulting in a potentially lethal gas leak.

The gas cookers were sold in the UK during October and November 2013.  The affected models are: CH60GC, HAG60, HUD61, HUG61, I6G52, I6GG1, ID60G2 and JLG61. Consumers who own one of these models should also check to see if it has a serial number from 31002XXXX to 31016XXXX. ID60G2 models are also affected, with serial numbers from 30924XXXX to 31016XXXX.

If you discover that you have a cooker with one of the above model and serial numbers you can call 01733 287 843 or email cookers@hotpoint.co.uk or cookers@indesit.com, to arrange for your cooker to be checked and repaired at no cost.

Leaking gas is one of the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal, and which can also lead to permanent health problems including brain injury.  Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, nausea and irritability and consumers who believe that they may have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning should seek medical attention and request a blood test to detect the presence of carbon monoxide in their bloodstream.

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills more than 50 people every year.

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