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Asbestos-related pleural thickening case settles for former paper mill worker

Former paper mill worker Tony LeBret has received compensation after being exposed to asbestos.

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10 July 2019

Anthony LeBret (74), who lives in Scotland, has settled his compensation claim after being diagnosed with asbestos-related pleural thickening.

Mr LeBret instructed asbestos claims lawyer Daniel Easton from Leigh Day to represent him in his claim.

Mr LeBret was diagnosed with thickening of the lining of his lungs in 2016 after being exposed to asbestos in the past.  He previously worked at the Reed Paper Mill in Thatcham, Berkshire, between about 1963 and 1975.  He completed a five-year apprenticeship as a fitter/turner, and then continued working as a fitter machinist at the same plant.  

As part of his work he had to repair and maintain plant equipment.  This included removing asbestos lagging from steam pipes, and working in the vicinity of "laggers" who were applying new asbestos lagging.  Mr LeBret described seeing dust in the air and on his hands and overalls and said "there was not the attention to health and safety that came later.  As such, we were not provided with masks or protection”.

Mr LeBret initially contacted Scottish solicitors who put him in touch with Daniel Easton at Leigh Day who arranged a personal visit and proceeded with the claim against Mr LeBret's former employers.  Daniel organised expert medical evidence with a respiratory expert in Edinburgh.

A settlement was agreed without the need for a court hearing and the settlement terms protect Mr LeBret into the future so that if his symptoms deteriorate, or he develops another asbestos related disease, he can claim further compensation.

Anthony LeBret said: 

“Leigh Day has done a great job for me and I really appreciate what they have done.”

Asbestos lawyer Daniel Easton said:

“We often act for people living in Scotland who were originally exposed to asbestos in England or Wales and who have subsequently developed asbestos-related illnesses. In this case I was pleased that we were able to settle Mr LeBret’s case without the stress of going to court, and that his future position has been protected.”

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