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LINK to phase out use of knee replacement due to wear

Medical device manufacturers will phase out knee replacement after reports of wear

Photo of knee joint: istock

10 September 2013

Waldemar LINK GmbH & Co. KG have released an Urgent Notice confirming they will phase out use of their metal-backed Unicondylar Sled Endo-Model 7mm knee replacement after receiving complaints about wear associated with the UHMWPE plateau. 

The Urgent Notice only affects Waldemar LINK Unicondylar Sled Endo-Model 7mm prostheses with a metal-backed tibial plateau. The tibial plateau is comprised of a UHMWPE plateau and a CoCr metal plate. Market surveillance identified some complaints of wear associated with the metal-backed partial knee replacement, and the notice states that consequence of wear of the UHMWPE plateau is ‘revision surgery of the implant’. 

Waldemar LINK have notified the responsible Competent Authorities of their action regarding the Unicondylar Sled Endo-Model 7mm prosthesis, and asked that all users and other relevant persons are informed of the Urgent Notice. As a consequence of their findings, Waldemar LINK have encouraged customers to ‘alternatively consider using the 7mm all-poly tibia plateau’. 

If you have developed any health problems such as increased pain following the fitting of a Waldemar LINK Sled Endo-Model 7mm knee prosthesis, and think that you may have a claim for compensation, please contact our nationally recognised medical devices team by calling specialist product liability partner Jill Paterson on 020 7650 1219 for a free and confidential initial discussion. 

Information was correct at time of publishing. See terms and conditions for further details.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.

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