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Statement from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Statement from Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the announcement of compensation for Kenyan torture victims: 6 June 2013

6 June 2013

"I wish to congratulate all the people of Kenya and Great Britain on the breakthrough announcement that Britain will pay compensation to Kenyan victims of colonial-era torture andbrutality.

"The settlement, after decades of disagreement and litigation, sends a signal to the world that nomatter how badly human beings behave towards one another, goodness ultimately prevails.

"Human beings are made for each other; depend on one another. Our capacity to forgive and our compassion are among the highest expressions of our shared humanity.

"The settlement is a balm for both the victims and perpetrators of shocking abuses that took place during the so-called Mau Mau uprising in Kenya between 1952 and 1960 – and more broadly, for all the people and nations subjugated by Europe in the colonial age.

"The people of Kenya and Great Britain have done the world proud. The British lawyers who represented the Kenyan victims are deserving of particular praise."

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