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The Mau Mau claims case in pictures

Click on pictures for high resolution versions - please credit Leigh Day on all pictures


Martyn Day outside the RCJ - 2011

Wambunga Wa Nyingi outside the RCJ - 2011
Paulo Nzili - 2011
Jane Muthoni Mara and Wambunga Wa Nyini - 2011
Martyn Day outside the Royal Courts of Justice - 2011 
Mau Mau Veterans - London 2009
John Nottingham - London 2009

Claimants visiting No.10 Downing Street

Jane Muthoni Mara - 2009
Paulo Nzini - 2009
Wambunga Wa Nyingi - 2009
Susan Ngondi - 2009


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