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International and group claims

Leigh Day represents the rights of people and the environment in a world of multi-national organisations and global responsibility. Over the last twenty years, we have been involved in ground-breaking cases involving the claims of foreign nationals against UK-based multinational companies (MNCs) and government departments and the rights of British nationals abroad.


These include:
  • Claims for Kenyan victims of torture at the hands of British officials during the Mau Mau independence movement in the 1950s and 1960s (Mutua & Ors v Foreign Commonwealth Office).
  • The UK’s largest-ever group action on behalf of 30,000 Ivorians affected by toxic waste dumping in the Ivory Coast (Motto & Ors v Trafigura).
  • Claims for thousands of South African mine workers who developed lung diseases following their exposure to asbestos and silica dust in the mines (Lubbe & Ors v Cape Plc; Chandler v Cape plc; Alpheus Zonisile Blom v Anglo American South Africa Limited (SA); Flatela Vava & Ors v Anglo American South Africa Limited (UK)).
  • Claims against the British Government for complicity in extraordinary rendition and torture in the war on terror (Binyam Mohammed v The Security Services & Ors; Abul-Hakim Belhadj & Or v Rt Hon Jack Straw MP and Ors)
  • Claims on behalf of Iraqi and Afghan nationals detained and abused by British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan (Muhanna & Ors v The Ministry of Defence; Dawood Mousa Al-Maliki on behalf of the Estate of Mr Baha Mousa (deceased) and Others v The Ministry of Defence; Serdar Mohammed v The Ministry of Defence).
  • Claims against oil giant Shell on behalf of Nigerian fishermen affected by multiple oil spills from Shell’s Trans-Niger Pipeline (Bodo Community v Shell).
  • Claims against Shell on behalf of 40,000 Nigerians from the Bille Kingdom of Nigeria who claim their environment has been devastated by oil spills.
  • Claims on behalf of Colombian farmers for the alleged environmental damage caused by the construction of the OCENSA oil pipeline on the Claimants’ private farmland (Florez & 73 Ors v Equion Energia Limited (formerly BP Exploration (Colombia) Ltd)).
  • Claims on behalf of indigenous Peruvian community members against British mining company Monterrico Metals, for complicity in torture and mistreatment by the Peruvian police (Tabra & Ors v Monterrico Metals).
  • A legal action on behalf of a group of South African workers poisoned by mercury at a factory in Kwa Zulu-Natal (Ngcobo & Sithole v Thor Chemicals Holdings Ltd & Desmond Cowley).
  • Claims on behalf of hundreds of British military veterans for experiments that were carried out on them by the Ministry of Defence at the Chemical Defence establishment at Porton Down, Whiltshire, from the 1940s to the 1980s (The Porton Down Litigation).
  • Claims against the German and Japanese governments for their mistreatment of British prisoners of war.

Leigh Day: business human rights law firm

The common strand to these claims has been the pursuit of the rights of the individual against corporate and governmental bodies. The David vs Goliath battles are our forte and are why we are widely seen as the leading firm in this country in this type of case.

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