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Wrongful imprisonment

Prisoners can be wrongfully imprisoned, either because they should not have been imprisoned at all or because they are imprisoned for longer than they should have been.  

This can be because a court made an error when convicting or sentencing them or because a prison made an error when calculating their release dates.  

The prison law team act in claims for unlawful detention and false imprisonment on behalf of prisoners who have been wrongfully imprisoned.

These claims have included where:
  • A judge convicted and sentenced a prisoner under the wrong Act, which meant that he was wrongly imprisoned for four and a half months;
  • A court issued a Warrant of Imprisonment incorrectly recording a prisoner’s sentence, which meant that he was wrongly imprisoned for three months;
  • A prison wrongly calculated a prisoner’s release dates, which meant that he was wrongly imprisoned beyond his correct release date.

The main objectives of these claims have been to make sure that the prisoner is compensated for any long period of time that they were wrongly imprisoned.

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