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Who are our clients and who do we challenge?

The human rights department at Leigh Day is driven by the firm’s ethos of standing up for the small person against large bodies with unequal access to resources.

We represent everyone from wronged individuals to organisations and charities campaigning in the public interest. We are determined to provide access to justice for all irrespective of their resources.

More detailed information for individuals or organisations wishing to consider a legal challenge can be accessed through the links on the left-hand side of the screen.

As the name suggests, the Department works in the field of public and administrative law and human rights. We challenge the decisions, failures, policies and practices of public bodies in a wide range of fields. Public bodies must act within the limit of their powers and must respect the rights of individual citizens to the extent demanded by the law.

We have vast expertise in challenging a wide range of public bodies from local authorities, health authorities, regulatory bodies, Tribunals, to Central Government Departments.

Our wide-ranging experience means that whatever your complaint, be it against the decision of a local authority or a Government Minister, we will almost certainly have the experience to call upon in order to advise you and, if appropriate, represent you in legal proceedings.