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Prisoners and social care

Prisoners are entitled to have their social care needs assessed and to have any eligible needs met on the basis of equivalence to people living in the community.

Sadly, time and again, prisoners are not referred for assessment, the assessment or care plan is not adequate or the care plan is not fully implemented.

The prison law team acts in Equality Act 2010 and Human Rights Act 1998 claims on behalf of prisoners whose social care needs have not been adequately assessed or met.

These claims have included where:
  • There has been a failure to provide adequate carer assistance to a blind prisoner who was unable to independently or safely wash or dress himself;
  • There has been a failure to allocate a wheelchair using prisoner to a cell on a residential wing, rather than a healthcare wing, which could meet his needs;
  • There has been a failure to adequately assess and meet the hearing impairment needs of a deaf prisoner.

The main objectives of these claims have been to make sure that the prisoner’ social care needs are adequately assessed and met and that they are compensated for any long-term or serious failures to do so.

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