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Discrimination & Equality Act claims

If you live with a disability you may have experienced discrimination first hand.

You may have experienced discrimination from the health service, your employer, your local authority, a bus or train company, at a sports ground, in school or college, by your bank or housing association, in prison, or from any number of public and private bodies.

Discrimination on the grounds of disability is unlawful.  If you have experienced discrimination because of your disability, whether at work or in other aspects of your life, we can advise and support you.

If you have become disabled after suffering a life-changing or catastrophic injury we can advise you on bringing a claim, and help you start to rebuild your life.

If you are caring for a disabled child our special education team can advise you.

If you are caring for a child with a brain injury our specialist cerebral palsy and child brain injury team can help you decide whether you can bring a claim for compensation.

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