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Publication of decisions and assistance with media relations

We understand that protecting your or your firm’s professional reputation is likely to be a very significant concern when going through a disciplinary process.

The SRA’s starting position is that it will publish information on its website about disciplinary action it takes against a solicitor or a firm where that action results in a finding and sanction (other than a reprimand). It is possible to make submissions on this and the SRA may agree not to publish details of the sanction. Whilst the circumstances where it might be possible to avoid publication are narrow, it is often worth making submissions to try to resist publication. It could prevent clients researching your services being deterred from instructing you by as-yet unproven allegations of misconduct to which you have a strong defence.

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We’ve been through a lengthy investigation and prosecution by the SRA which arose against a backdrop of intense media coverage of speculation by Members of Parliament about alleged misconduct by the firm and a number of its solicitors. The investigation, prosecution and hearings before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and the High Court also generated considerable media interest. We’re experienced in crisis management and can call on our own internal media experts to assist with media relations on your matter, should that be necessary.