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Regulatory and disciplinary team testimonials

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We have a consistent track record of achieving outstanding results for clients. Here’s what they say about working with our professional discipline experts:

  • Gideon is very easy to work with. He understood the immense pressure that I was under and was able to create a plan of action and take some of the pressure off me. He identified information that we needed… and was not afraid to go toe to toe with them in order to get it and to allow me enough time to respond. He went through the documents thoroughly to identify every relevant fact that could be used in my defence and no stone was left unturned. He is very cool-headed and collected.”
  • “[Emma is] the most detailed person I have met. She can find the needle in the haystack. She’s pedantic in a good way. You need her.”
  • “The service I received from Gideon was not from a ‘text book lawyer’ but from someone who was well aware and genuinely believes that on occasions the position of the SRA (or any other regulator) needs to be robustly challenged.”
  • “Gideon is a thorough, proactive and cautious lawyer. He was extremely patient in dealing with me – someone with no knowledge of the law and someone who had to consult with others before answering his queries or providing instructions. While always acknowledging that we could make the ‘final call,’ Gideon always explained the risks of our strategy and tactics in this matter. He also would seek advice from the barrister on points of contention between us. He was also prepared to refuse to act for us if we wanted to do something he felt unwise. I was kept fully informed of every development, and he shared drafts of correspondence prior to sending. We are grateful too, for his agreement to work for a reduced fee.”
  • “Emma Walker is brilliant, efficient and funny – what more could you want in a solicitor?”
  • “I felt in very good hands throughout. It was a very distressing time for me. It was really helpful to talk through and be fully advised on the regulatory and tactical matters. Gideon clearly gave careful and thoughtful consideration to those issues, and I am sure all of that contributed to making the process a smooth as could be hoped for. But that is not all he contributed. As well as an understanding of the law and practice, so much of my case involved telling a personal story, and that involves being a good listener… Gideon was excellent.”
  • “I want to thank you for your work and understanding of my situation. At the time I approached you, it was very distressing and it was really helpful to talk through and be fully advised on the regulatory and tactical matters. You clearly gave careful and thoughtful consideration to those issues, and I am sure all of that contributed to making this a smooth as could be hoped for. I felt in very good hands throughout. But that is not all you contributed. As well as an understanding of law and practice, so much of my case involved telling a personal story, and that involves being a good listener. I really do think that is such an important skill as a solicitor – being able to listen and knowing what questions to ask. Again, in that aspect of the case, I really relied on you to have understood my situation at the time of the events in question, and where to ask questions, and that was not easy, given the lapse of time since those events. In particular, I felt you understood me and the firm that I worked for, and that was really important.”
  • “Gideon was prompt and clear in his legal advice and friendly and engaging with me as a client."
  • “Clients appreciate Emma’s straightforward explanations of the key issues, cutting to the heart of the problem, and her sound judgement about what to do next.”
  • “Gideon assisted me when the SRA sent me an Explanation with Warnings letter alleging that I had been dishonest. He helped me to go through the matter files to extract the relevant evidence and to draft a full response to the SRA, rebutting the allegations. I felt no stone was left unturned in preparing the defence to the case made against me and, happily, the SRA decided to take no further action.”
  • "Emma is efficient, dedicated and prepared to work long hours." 
  • “Gideon was able to quickly grasp the issues at stake and was efficient and responsive.”
  • “Not only would I recommend your services to others but I am actively encouraging people to approach you based on my own experience of you dealing with me as a Black woman. I am aware of many people who face (and have faced) issues with the SRA where harsh sanctions, lengthy delays and high costs in comparison with their white counterparts are part of the strategy to perpetuate the discriminatory practices so widely known but not often able to be proved.”
  • “Gideon did excellent work and we received a very good service… We won and I am grateful to Gideon and L[eigh] D[ay] for that.”
  • “I have no hesitation in recommending (and encouraging) those facing potential disciplinary action by regulators to engage Leigh Day.”
  • “Gideon was forensic in his analysis and strategic in his case planning of preparing our reply to the SRA when I was accused of failing to act with integrity.”
  • "I urgently required definitive and informed advice on a personal regulatory matter. Gideon gave me excellent advice every step of the way”.
  • “Gideon Habel is extremely professional, knowledgeable in the area we needed, quick to respond and efficient in his time spent with us. He has no weaknesses.”
  • “After deciding the best way forward for our company, Gideon was extremely flexible in how we could proceed, balancing his outstanding service and knowledge with an understanding of our budget. We couldn’t have hoped for a more professional and thorough approach, and can recommend Gideon, his team, and the wider Leigh Day firm wholeheartedly.”
  • "Emma is very good on the details and knows her cases backwards - she takes a 'no stone left unturned' approach."
  • “Gideon was good at building a team with a clear objective and we managed to achieve a successful result. I was very impressed with him. He was very tactical and willing to take on the big point while being realistic.”
  • "Emma's a very efficient and proactive lawyer - you ask her to do things and she's already thought of it!"
  • "Gideon is able to translate the SRA's processes, language and motives into layman’s terms. He understands the hidden nuance of every word and request from the SRA investigator, beyond what a normal person would perceive."

Meet the regulatory and disciplinary team

Gideon Habel November 2021
Regulatory and disciplinary

Gideon Habel

Gideon acts for regulated professionals in disciplinary investigation and prosecution matters

Emma Walker

Emma Walker

Emma is a member of the firm's regulatory and disciplinary department