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Client Update - 16 September 2021

We've moved office

We have moved!

Firstly, we want to let you know that our London office has moved. Our new address is:

Leigh Day
27 Goswell Road

Please ensure that you use the above address for anything you need to send to us in the post to avoid any unnecessary delays. All other contact details for your matter and the Manchester office address remain the same.

Client trade data collection

We have begun the exercise of collecting the supporting documents we need from our clients in order to prepare for the issue of formal court proceedings.

We have received over 26,000 documents in support of individuals’ claims. Thank you very much for those of you who have provided your trade data and your supporting documents. Due to the high volume of documents that we have received, please bear with us while we work through them and check that we have all we need to begin issuing claims.

We are aware that there were some technical issues with our new Woodford Payback website which created difficulties for some clients. We are very sorry if you experienced these issues when completing the trade data questionnaire and we have been working hard to address any issues. We will soon be contacting anyone who we still need further information from to remind you.

Case update

In our last update, we explained that we received a 40-page response to our letter before action from Link’s lawyers in which they disputed fault. We have since written back to press on the key issues and to request key information. We have also requested important documents that are not publicly available to enable our experts to conduct a more in-depth and accurate quantum analysis, although Link has so far been unwilling to share much with us.

Given Link’s lawyers’ stance in correspondence, we are continuing with our preparations to issue claims on your behalf.

The process of getting claims ready to issue formal court proceedings for each client requires us to check the documents we have been provided with to make sure that we have evidence of each claimant’s investment in WEIF. The evidence we can rely on could be either contract notes or a statement from your platform or IFA showing all of the transactions. Without this evidence, we are not able to issue court proceedings on your behalf.

We also need to check that each person has confirmed what is known as a “Statement of Truth” about their investment confirming that the information we have is accurate and confirm that you have not instructed another law firm. These are essential points we need to check before we can issue court proceedings.

If you have provided us documents either via our online platform, by email or by post, we are reviewing them. We kindly ask if you can be patient with us due to the high volume of supporting documents that we need to review.

We will contact you in due course if we have not been provided with sufficient documentary evidence or if we need anything further from you.

If you have any questions in relation to gathering supporting documents, please email the team:

If you have instructed more than one law firm to bring a claim on your behalf in relation to your investment in WEIF, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible and before we issue court proceedings for you. It is an abuse of court process to instruct two laws firms and to bring multiple claims for the same cause of action and may result in you having to pay the defendant’s costs related to this which will not be covered by the after the event insurance we have in place.

Upcoming webinar

We will be taking part in a webinar, Woodford - What Happens Next?, on 30 September 2021 from 5pm to 6.30pm, hosted by Share Soc. This event is free to join and open to all.

The speakers at this webinar will be:

  • Jeff Prestridge – Personal Finance Editor, The Mail on Sunday
  • Alan Miller – Co-Founder with Gina Miller, True and Fair Campaign
  • Cliff Weight – ShareSoc Woodford Campaign Director
  • Bozena Michalowska – Partner, Head of Product Safety & Consumer Law, Leigh Day

At this webinar, we will discuss matters such as:

  • What happens next?
  • Can I reclaim my losses?
  • Which claim should I join?
  • Will Woodford be sued/prosecuted/fined/held to account?
  • Can this happen again?
  • What really went wrong?
  • What is changing/has changed to stop it happening again?

To find out more about this webinar and to register, please visit the ShareSoc website.