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Julian Nancarrow

Julian is based in Lower Eaton, Herefordshire near the River Wye. He has noticed the decline in the ranunculus plant which is important for the river ecosystem.

Posted on 23 May 2024

The ranunculus has been a habitat for smaller fish and many invertebrates, providing the river with structure and acting as a filter bed.

Julian says that the loss of ranunculus is an indicator of the state of the ecosystems which are in mass decline.

He used to take his grandchildren to paddle in the river but is now unable to as the river has become so polluted and unpleasant.

Julian said:

“We live with 300 m of the river at Lower Eaton. When we moved here in 2017, there were ranunculae flowing under the bridge at Bridge Sollars, now they are gone.

“We no longer take our grandchildren to paddle in the river as the riverbed is covered in a brown slime. As we are not sure as to the safety of paddling, we have lost a beautiful amenity.”


Julian Nancarrow with Dr Peter Nancarrow and Dr Lewis Nancarrow
Julian Nancarrow (centre) with Dr Peter Nancarrow (left) and Dr Lewis Nancarrow (right)


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