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Caroline Tivey

Caroline used to be a regular wild swimmer in the Wye. She moved to Herefordshire in 2001 and found the river to be a great alternative to the sea.

Posted on 23 May 2024

She noticed that the riverbed started to become slimy over the years and believes this was caused by pollution. The condition of the river grew so poor that Caroline stopped swimming there.

Caroline said:

“I was a regular swimmer in the Wye both at Bredwardine and Hay. I started to notice the stones on the riverbed had become slimy and to begin with, wasn’t sure why this was. I found out it was caused by pollution and since then I have stopped.

“As an avid swimmer, one of the benefits of moving to Herefordshire in 2001 was the river. Being nowhere near the sea, this provided an excellent alternative.”


Caroline Tivey
Image of Caroline Tivey


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