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Infected Blood Inquiry lawyers call for compensation framework to be set up immediately following further delay to Inquiry Report

Individuals and their families frustrated by another delay to the Infected Blood Inquiry final report have called for a compensation scheme to be put in place urgently.

Posted on 18 January 2024

As publication of the final report of the public inquiry has been delayed to May 2024, families affected by the NHS infected blood scandal say their main disappointment lies with the delay in putting in place the financial compensation scheme, as this can be done without waiting on the final report. 

The Inquiry’s final recommendations on the urgent need for financial compensation to be paid to those infected and affected by the scandal were published in April 2023. There is simply no justification for a delay to those measures, say those affected and represented by law firm Leigh Day.

The Chair of the Infected Blood Inquiry, Sir Brian Langstaff, apologised this week after pushing back the publication of the Inquiry’s final report for a second time. The report will now be published on 20 May 2024, and will “set out and explain the many failings at systemic, collective and individual levels over more than six decades”.

Sir Brian said he was acutely aware of the need for the Report to be available as soon as possible, and added: “My principal recommendation remains that a compensation scheme should be set up with urgency. No-one should be in any doubt about the serious nature of the failings over more than six decades that have led to catastrophic loss of life and compounded suffering.”

Leigh Day partner Emma Jones and her team represent over 297 Individuals affected by the contaminated blood scandal, including the Hepatitis C Trust. Many have core participant status at the infected blood inquiry at which Emma and her team have spoken on their behalf.

Leigh Day partner Gene Matthews and his team represent individuals affected by the scandal who hope to bring a civil claim for compensation.

Following the announcement of the delay to the inquiry’s final report, Sandeep Michael said:

“While this further delay to the final report is unfortunate, we appreciate the depth of inquiry undertaken by the Chair and his efforts to propel governmental action by re-opening hearings to make the point regarding compensation.  This financial compensation scheme simply must be put in place by the government as soon as possible.  People have now been waiting decades for financial redress.”

Emma Jones voiced her disappointment at the delay when she appeared on a Radio Five Live panel on Thursday 18 January.

Emma Jones

Emma Jones

Emma runs the team working on the contaminated blood inquiry 

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Infected blood inquiry lawyers call for immediate payments following delay to final report

Lawyers representing hundreds of people affected by the NHS infected blood scandal have voiced their disappointment at the delay to the report of the Infected Blood Inquiry.

Sandeep Michael
Human rights

Sandeep Kaur Michael

Sandeep is an associate solicitor in the human rights team