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Food safety team investigates E. coli infection claim following recall of Lancashire cheese products

Leigh Day food safety team is investigating a claim on behalf of a client following the E. coli outbreak over the Christmas period that it is reported may be linked to the recalled Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese products.

Posted on 08 January 2024

Michelle Victor, partner and head of Leigh Day’s food safety team in London, is investigating an E. coli claim on behalf of a client who contracted the food infection over the Christmas period. Michelle’s client believes she had eaten cheese that belonged to a batch of Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese that was recalled after the E. coli outbreak became known.
A person died in Scotland from E. coli in late December 2023, which may have been a result of consuming the infected Lancashire cheese, however, it is not yet clear whether the death was caused by the food, the BBC reports.
The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and Food Standards Agency (FSA) have issued a safety warning to the public regarding the following products:    

  • Mrs Kirkham's Mild & Creamy Lancashire
  • Mrs Kirkham's Tasty Lancashire
  • Mrs Kirkham's Mature Lancashire
  • Mrs Kirkham's Smoked Lancashire
  • No 1 Waitrose and Partners, Farmhouse Kirkham's Lancashire cheese

As a result of the bacterial infection outbreak, Mrs Kirkham’s stated that it has withdrawn the products in question and has urged consumers to follow safety advice from experts.
The UKHSA has stated since late July, there have been 30 confirmed cases of Shiga toxin-producing E.coli (STEC) reported across England and Scotland, with hospital care being required in some cases.
Michelle Victor said:
“I am investigating a potential link between the recalled Mrs Kirkham cheese products and the E. coli outbreak, which has recently led to numerous reports of illness and even a death.
“My client reports becoming ill with E coli after she had consumed some of the cheese that was later recalled by the manufacturers.
“While the source of the bacterial infection is not yet clear, I intend to conduct a thorough investigation on behalf of my client to determine the cause of their illness and to provide guidance to anyone else who has found themselves in a similar situation.” 
Anyone who believes they may have contracted the infection from eating the Lancashire cheese over the Christmas period and would like to receive guidance, contact Marcher@leighday.co.uk 

Michelle Victor
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Michelle Victor

Michelle is a leading consumer rights lawyer and head of the food safety team in London

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Lancashire cheese recall issued following E. coli outbreak

A product recall for Mrs Kirkham’s cheese has been made after health experts warned some products may be contaminated.

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