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Harminder Bains features on the latest podcast series by Tortoise Media examining corporate spy Robert Moore

Joint head of the asbestos and industrial disease team at Leigh Day, Harminder Bains, has been interviewed by investigative journalists Ceri Thomas and Alexi Mostrous for the new Tortoise podcast series ‘Into the Dirt’. They discussed the spy Robert Moore who was hired by Matteo Bigazzi his 'handler’ at K2 Intelligence Limited.

Posted on 30 June 2023

Harminder, who’s own father died from the asbestos cancer, mesothelioma, is a lawyer and partner who specialises in asbestos disease legal cases for sufferers. She is internationally renowned for her role fighting for those who have suffered from asbestos-related diseases and their families.

Harminder, and other prominent anti-asbestos campaigners, were spied on for a number of years from 2012 by Robert Moore, who was paid by K2 intelligence (an investigations and advisory services firm) to extract information for their clients.

Tortoise is an investigatory news organisation that produces ‘deep-dive’ podcasts Their newly released six-part podcast series ‘Into the Dirt’ is a thorough exploration of Moore’s spying and how he forged connections with the anti-asbestos network for the benefit of K2’s clients and how his cover eventually came to be exposed.

K2 agreed to pay substantial damages to Harminder and other targeted campaigners in 2018 following the legal case taken by Harminder, Laurie Kazan-Allen, Kishnendu Mukherjee, Rory O’Neill and Sugio Furuya.

Harminder is a leading expert on asbestos law, with her work being recognised with an award from The Asbestos Victims Support Forum UK in 2022.

Harminder appears on episode two of the podcast, discussing her experience with Moore and the shock of having a trusted associate revealed as a spy. The first three episodes are available to listen to on Tortoise or on streaming platforms, and Harminder will feature on later episodes which will be released in the coming weeks.

Harminder said:

“The new series ‘Into the Dirt’ explores what I and the other anti-asbestos campaigners endured as a result of Moore’s undercover spying for K2's clients His actions had a devastating impact on all of us, as individuals and the worldwide anti asbestos movement. We were betrayed by someone we trusted. It led to me fearing for my life. Furthermore it reveals the tactics the asbestos industry is willing to employ, and the lengths they will go to, to protect their profits. 

“I am grateful to Ceri and Alexi of Tortoise Media for their in-depth investigation as it highlights the under hand methods utilised by agencies such as K2. The activities of such agencies should be regulated and in my opinion their actions as highlighted in the podcast should be viewed as criminal and result in imprisonment." 

Harminder Bains
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Harminder Bains

Joint head of the asbestos and industrial diseases, internationally renowned for her role fighting for victims of asbestos

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Harminder Award
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Award presented to lawyer for her legal work and anti-asbestos campaigning

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Corporate intelligence agency pays substantial damages over claim for spying

K2 intelligence limited has agreed to pay substantial damages to five prominent anti-asbestos campaigners

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