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Compensation secured for former Dagenham Docks worker following mesothelioma diagnosis

A former handyman who spent a long career working on the Dagenham Docks settled his claim with his former employer for a six-figure sum after he was sadly diagnosed with asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma.

Posted on 06 April 2023

William, who died this year aged 90, was known to his friends and family as John. He resided in Romford, where he lived with his wife and was surrounded by his family. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2022, 40 years after he stopped working at the Dagenham Docks.
John was employed as a handyman by Samuel Williams & Sons Ltd (a subsidiary of William Hudson Group Ltd) where he worked from 1953 to 1982.
Samuel Williams & Sons Ltd received shipments of oil and liquid chemicals for storage and distribution. Pipes lagged with asbestos were used to move the liquids between tanks and vehicles and the pipelines were changed frequently.
John assisted contractors with the removal of old asbestos lagging from pipes and the application of new asbestos lagging. He was also involved in the construction and demolition of buildings on site which had been constructed using corrugated asbestos cement sheets and asbestos insulation boards. With each task, asbestos dust was dispersed into the air around him and settled on his clothes and skin.
In 2021 John was fit and healthy for his age and enjoyed an active social and family life. Unfortunately, in early 2022 John developed a cough and shortness of breath. Following medical investigations, John was given the devastating diagnosis of mesothelioma in July 2022.
Leigh Day took on John’s case and prepared detailed witness evidence. As a result, Samuel Williams & Sons Ltd admitted liability for the claim without the need to commence court proceedings.
John’s case settled for a six-figure lump sum, plus payment of any future private medical expenses. A settlement was reached for John within three months of him bringing his case to Leigh Day.
Sadly, John died shortly after his case settled.
John was represented by asbestos claims solicitor, Catriona Ratcliffe, who said:

‘I’m so pleased we were able to secure a settlement for John in his lifetime. Although sadly he passed away soon after that settlement was agreed, I hope it gave him some peace of mind knowing that his family would be supported.’

Catriona Ratcliffe
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