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Abbott Laboratories – recalled pacemaker devices

Product safety lawyers are investigating claims on behalf of patients who have been implanted with potentially defective pacemakers manufactured by Abbott Laboratories (formerly known as St. Jude Medical).

Posted on 07 March 2023

Certain models of Abbott’s ‘Assurity’ and ‘Endurity’ products were subject to an urgent Field Safety Notice in July 2022 after concerns had been raised that a fault in the manufacturing process was leading to some devices allowing moisture ingress. This can cause electrical short-circuits which affects the safe functioning of the devices. The consequences of this manufacturing fault include loss of telemetry, loss of pacing and reduced battery life.

We have been informed that some patients are being advised they must use remote monitors on a daily basis so that clinicians can monitor the performance and safety of the implanted pacemakers. This is as an alternative to having the affected pacemaker replaced and means that these patients will have to use a remote monitor for the lifetime of their pacemaker (up to 10 years) affecting how they are able to live their lives and in constant fear their pacemaker could fail at any moment. 

Abbott Laboratories have created an online device checking function, which allows patients to confirm whether their pacemaker is affected by the product recall.

Michelle Victor and her legal team represent over 600 clients implanted with defective metal-on-metal hip replacements, clients with other faulty hip replacements, knee replacements, and blood glucose monitoring systems.Leigh Day have successfully recovered damages for clients with faulty defibrillators and pacemakers.

If you believe you may have been implanted with an Abbott pacemaker affected by the product recall, use the online device checking service. We can advise on whether you have grounds for a claim.

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