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Family of former Ericsson Telephones Ltd driller appeals for information following asbestos-related diagnosis

The widower of a former driller at Ericsson Telephones Ltd in Beeston, Nottingham, is appealing for former colleagues to come forward with information following the death of his wife from an asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma.

Posted on 27 July 2022

June Crawford, who died aged 80, worked at Ericsson Telephones Ltd in Beeston, Nottingham, from 1958 to 1961 in the machine drilling section.

While working at Ericsson Telephones Ltd, June’s job involved drilling holes in components being manufactured for use in telephones. She began working at Ericsson Telephones Ltd aged 18 and believed she was exposed to asbestos while there.

June Crawford. 

She told her legal team before she died that she believed that asbestos boards were sited beneath the drills and around their workstations.

June also believed there was pipework lagged with asbestos insulation installed around the factory and maintenance men would have to remove the asbestos insulation to effect repairs.

June Crawford. 

June moved to Northamptonshire around 1989. She was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, on 15 May 2020 and sadly died from the disease on 17 August 2020.

Helen Ashton, asbestos claims solicitors at Leigh Day, said:

“We are appealing for former colleagues and others who worked at Ericsson Telephones Ltd, either in the machine drilling department or on maintenance around the factory, to come forward with information about asbestos and its use on the premises.”

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. If you have any information that might assist please telephone 0161 393 3544 and ask to speak to Helen Ashton or alternatively e-mail hashton@leighday.co.uk 

Helen Ashton
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