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Call for witnesses re: abuse at Sutton Valence School

Leigh Day abuse lawyer Dino Nocivelli has been instructed by a client who allegedly suffered childhood sexual abuse at boarding school Sutton Valence in the 1980s.

Posted on 21 October 2022

The client was sexually assaulted by a teacher, Reverend David Barnes, at the school and Barnes allegedly kept photographs of other boys that he had abused in a shoebox. The impact of the abuse on the client's life has been significant and although Barnes has now died, he is hopeful of finally obtaining a sense of closure and justice from this civil case.

As far as can be determined, Barnes was never questioned by the police prior to his death.

Dino would be grateful if any staff or pupils with information could contact him on the details below:

Dino Nocivelli
020 7650 1397

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